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On July 1, 2016, Sage introduced the newest available integration to its Sage 100c accounting package. Labeled Sage 100c Manufacturing, it’s an endorsed partnership between Synergistic Software and Sage to rebrand the JobOps Core and Time Tracker modules.

Sage 100c Manufacturing is an add-on solution to Sage 100c to help you:

  • Take control of the entire manufacturing process
  • Adapt to dynamic real-world changes
  • Closely watch supply and demand
  • Know your costs at all times
  • Manage the job through estimating, sales orders and work tickets, job planning, costing and tracking and purchasing
  • Capture labor and material usage in real time and automate how you issue parts to the job, support bar coding and connect to payroll

Sage 100c Manufacturing also offers these optional add-ons:

Product Configurator – Accommodate custom product estimates, including pricing, bill of materials, routing and part numbers

Enhanced Scheduling – Optimize capacity and schedule planning and run what-if scenarios to alert you to constraints

With Sage 100c Manufacturing, you’ll have an automated workhorse to manage and track the complete job life cycle of everything you produce. The combination of Sage 100c Manufacturing with the powerful management capabilities of Sage 100c helps you deliver orders on time and within budget.


Elevate your productivity with real-time job management tools that allow you to tightly control many moving parts:

    • Reuse past quotes to create new ones quicker
    • Combine bills of material, routings, labor and contracted services to create a detailed cost roll-up
    • Save time with automatic material costs to reflect the most recent purchases
    • Select your options and calculate pricing with the product configurator add-on solution

Sales orders & work tickets

Streamline workflow so that all job information is available from one source—and then quickly convert an approved quote to a sales order:

    • Automatically generate detailed work tickets
    • Check material availability before release
    • Attach product documentation and procedures specific to the job

Job planning

Monitor the status of your jobs and deliver the tools to review, refine and improve estimating and job planning:

    • Verify quote accuracy before production starts
    • Determine material availability
    • Notify purchasing of shortages
    • Check production schedules
    • Easily track original versus revised estimates


Analyze your supply and demand for jobs so you can purchase the right products and materials at the right time:

    • Create a dynamic to-do list
    • Consolidate purchasing requirements
    • Base purchase recommendations on reorder points and minimum order quantities
    • Automatically generate purchase orders
    • Improve cash flow by reducing excess inventory levels

Costing & tracking

Reduce time spent managing projects with real-time tracking:

    • Know the status of projects any time
    • See current costs in real time
    • Analyze profitability based on remaining cost projections
    • Be alerted to potential cost overruns while in production

Data collection

Collect labor and material usage information in real time:

    • Quickly and easily issue parts to the job
    • Reduce errors and streamline data entry with barcoding
    • Eliminate manual data entry with flexible time-entry capabilities
    • Automate overtime calculations and allocation to work tickets



Webinar – Sage 100c Manufacturing

Thursday, March 2, 2017 @ 10–11 am Central time

Join BKD Managing Consultant Robin Reeder and Stacy Schultz, JobOps channel manager, for an overview of the Sage 100c Manufacturing module functionality that focuses on work tickets, capturing time and material usage—along with production scheduling. Manufacturers will be interested in this new Sage module’s functions and will learn the benefits of job planning, costing and tracking, understand the graphical scheduling tools available and see the benefit of real-time material and labor tracking.

Robin Reeder

Robin is a member of the BKD Technologies Sage Software team. With more than 25 years of experience in public and private accounting, as well as accounting software support, Robin provides accounting and technology consulting services for a wide range of industries, including accounting software project management, installation, implementation, training and ongoing support services.

Robin Reeder – who has written posts on Sage ERP Insights.

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