Processing Forms 1099

Before printing or e-filing IRS Forms 1099, first reconcile the amounts. To do this, print the Vendor Payment History Report in Accounts Payable | Reports | Payment History Report.


In the “Sort Report By” field, select “Vendor Number” from the drop-down menu. In Selection Criteria, choose “By Period.” Select the Fiscal Year and Period range for the 1099s. Check the “Print 1099 Vendors Only” box and click “Print” or “Preview.”

The report should look like this:


Review this information for accuracy. If the information is wrong and the 1099 amount needs to be corrected, open Accounts Payable | Main | Vendor Maintenance.

Select the vendor and click the “Additional” tab. Click the “1099 History” button.


Choose the form type that needs correcting; miscellaneous is the most common form type.

Select the calendar year for the correction. Enter the corrected amount in the correct 1099 box. The boxes here match the IRS standard.


Click “OK” when finished.

You are now ready to print or e-file the 1099s. If you’ve already completed processing, select “Correct Completed 1099s” and refile.

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