(Updated) The Affordable Care Act & Sage 100 – Are You Ready?

The IRS released the final versions of the forms required for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting in February 2015. Sage currently plans to release this enhancement in product updates (PU) only for Sage 100 versions 4.5 and higher:

  • 2014 PU5 (Released March 30, 2015) – Search KB 60428 to download and install 2014 PU5
  • 2015 PU1 (Released April 7, 2015) – Search KB 60763 to download and install 2015 PU1
  • 2013 PU9 – TBD
  • 50 PU8 – TBD

How to Tell If Your Company Needs This Enhancement

There are two things you need to do:

  • Verify the version of Sage 100 you’re on, including your PU level
  • Determine if you qualify as an applicable large employer (ALE)

To determine which version of Sage 100 you’re on, navigate to the Sage 100 Help Menu and select “About Sage 100.” The dialog box will show you the version and PU. In the example below, the “” signifies version 2015 PU 1.


If you’re on version 2013 or version 4.5, we recommend that you quickly upgrade to version 2015 or wait for the PU to be released. Please contact either Robin Reeder at rreeder@bkd.com or Deb Nugent at dnugent@bkd.com with your decision.

The PU will help you determine if you qualify as an ALE and aid in the reporting compliance. You can view the original blog post, “The Affordable Care Act & Sage 100 – Are You Ready?” for more information.

Robin Reeder

Robin is a member of the BKD Technologies Sage Software team. With more than 25 years of experience in public and private accounting, as well as accounting software support, Robin provides accounting and technology consulting services for a wide range of industries, including accounting software project management, installation, implementation, training and ongoing support services.

Robin Reeder – who has written posts on Sage ERP Insights.

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