New Targeted Features for Sage 100 Version 2016

Sage recently revealed a list of some targeted new features for Sage 100 2016 (Target release date – November 4, 2015)

Modernization Strategy

* Modern UI
* Full integration of payments & payroll
* Select experience improvements
* Functional extensions delivered as features as a service
* Cloud services to connect with the ecosystem
* Architecture updates affecting integration, customization & updates
* Mobile access across multiple devices
* Color themes
* Changed menu structure
* Only see tasks you have rights to
* New UI – can make fonts medium or large
* Theme can be set by company code
* UI will apply to nonframework modules

Other Expected Features

* Customer PO up to 30 characters
* Add extended item description for miscellaneous items, charges, special items
* Add default value to all extended description
* Adding additional sales order quotes to order types other than standard
* New sales order option to define default expiration date for quotes
* New sales order option to default to the date when promoting quote to order
* Ability to move a document between batches
* Additional “quick wins”

Features are subject to change prior to actual release.

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2 thoughts on “New Targeted Features for Sage 100 Version 2016

  1. AvatarEtienne Ayuk Ayuk Ndip


    I am the Finance and Administration Manager for SWECOM Ltd, a company into rebroadcasting and internet service provider with other IT Solutions, i have been longing to get a software program for the company SAGE 100. We have almost 20.000 customers an 200 employees. We rely mostly on excel at the moment and it is very tedious for the accountants and follow up of billing and invoicing.
    I want a program to have stock management aand inventory, billing and invoiccing, human resource management and general accounting and financial management.

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