The Many Facets of Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster recovery planning is about more than off-site backups. It’s about a business’ survival. In the event a disaster strikes—like the recent floods in Texas or the F5 tornado that cut its way through Joplin, Missouri, in 2011—do you have disaster recovery plans and key documents printed and stored safely and accessibly away from your workplace?

Your recovery plans should include:

  • Names, addresses and phone numbers for crisis management staff, employees, clients and vendors
  • Location of off-site data backup storage media
  • Locations of alternative worksites
  • Copies of sales contracts, agreements and other key business documents
  • Copies of insurance contracts
  • Other materials critical for business survival

This is just a start—a brief list of key pieces you’ll need in the event of a disaster. A disaster recovery plan is your business continuity insurance plan. Do you have one for your business?

To learn more about disaster recovery planning, contact BKD Technologies.

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