ERP: The Secret Sauce for Process Manufacturers

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions have proven benefits for process manufacturers. A study published by the Aberdeen Group found manufacturers that have implemented ERP are improving their inventory accuracy, experiencing faster month-close completions, meeting internal manufacturing schedules and shipping more orders complete and on time.

While most successful manufacturers use ERP, the study found 26 percent of manufacturers have yet to implement an ERP solution. The leading reason companies gave for falling behind the technology curve:  fear of the “burden” of the internal effort required to implement.

Are you in that 26 percent? As the study shows, there’s much you can gain from the change:

Companies with ERP Companies without ERP
Inventory Accuracy 97% 90%
Days to Close Month 3.4 6.5
Manufacturing Schedule Compliance 96% 88%
Complete & On-Time Shipments 98% 89%

If you’ve put off implementing ERP for fear of burdening your organization, we’ve got good news. Sage ERP X3 is an industry-leading solution geared for process manufacturers. It’s fast to implement, easy to use and maintain and sports a rich feature set.

Are you ready to learn more about the power of Sage ERP X3 in the process manufacturing segment? Read the story of one process manufacturer’s rapid and successful implementation of Sage ERP X3. You also can contact a member of BKD’s Sage ERP X3 consulting team who can address your questions and provide additional resources.

Ricardo de Rojas

Ricardo is a member of the BKD Technologies Sage Software team with more than 18 years of technology experience. He currently assists in project management, software assessment, business process analysis and requirements definition. Ricardo also provides installation, implementation, training and ongoing support services.

Ricardo de Rojas – who has written posts on Sage ERP Insights.

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