ERP Answers for Wholesale Suppliers: Challenge. Solution. Result.

What are the top challenges facing wholesale suppliers? Surveys and research tell us tight profit margins, effective inventory management and competition for customers top the list. Is your organization prepared to meet those challenges to stay successful and profitable?

A modern, flexible and integrated ERP solution can go a long way toward helping you address and overcome the challenges facing your business. Sage ERP X3 is an ideal solution for wholesale suppliers because it delivers power, functionality, ease of use and flexibility at an attractive price point. Let’s look at how Sage ERP X3 can help your organization.

Lower Inventory Costs for Increased Profitability

With tight profit margins, it’s imperative for wholesalers to lower inventory carrying costs. Sage ERP X3 offers a sophisticated set of features that enables you to manage your inventory resource as well as:

  • Eliminate excess and slow-moving stock
  • Balance carrying costs against order fill rates
  • Build reliable sales forecasts
  • Factor vendor lead times into the ordering process
  • Evaluate each item’s profitability

Manage Inventory for Efficiency & Cost Savings

Driving efficiency in your warehouse operations leads to long-term rewards. Sage ERP X3 can give your efficiency a boost by:

  • Providing multiwarehouse, multisite visibility into stock on hand
  • Streamlining picking processes and eliminating bottlenecks
  • Automatically directing the stocking route
  • Helping you shop for best shipping rates
  • Incorporating radio frequency identification
  • Integrating label printing and shipping

Win New Customers & Retain Existing Ones

We all know buyers are fickle and will switch to the supplier with the best combination of price and service. How can you position yourself to be the best and win new and repeat business? Sage ERP X3 offers tools and options you can use to do just that, including:

  • Online and self-service customer options
  • Integrated electronic data interchange
  • Service, warranty and maintenance management
  • Full customer contact visibility
  • Lead and prospect tracking and monitoring
  • Customer contract pricing

Read how one wholesaler is leveraging Sage ERP X3 or watch how another uses the software to streamline the supply chain. Contact our team of professional consultants for more information.

Ricardo de Rojas

Ricardo is a member of the BKD Technologies Sage Software team with more than 18 years of technology experience. He currently assists in project management, software assessment, business process analysis and requirements definition. Ricardo also provides installation, implementation, training and ongoing support services.

Ricardo de Rojas – who has written posts on Sage ERP Insights.

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