Five Ways Mobile Technology Can Boost Your Profits

The mobile technology movement shows no signs of slowing down. While the buzz about mobile technology innovations focuses mainly on the consumer market, the number and value of mobile applications targeting business users is growing exponentially. Sage is a leading player in this market, providing mobile apps that can extend and enhance the functionality of its ERP solutions.

Are you ready to do business anytime—from anywhere? Here are five ways Sage Mobile Apps can help you go where your business takes you, and help you boost company profits along the way!

  1. Get paid faster by accepting payment on the spot or through a “Pay Now” link on emailed invoices.
  2. Reduce write-offs by getting customer sign-off and taking photos during service calls.
  3. Increase sales by checking stock and entering orders on site.
  4. Promote cross-selling and up-selling by reviewing your catalog and related products with customers on your tablet.
  5. Reduce customer service calls by giving customers online access to invoice and payment history.

Sage Mobile Apps include sales, service and billing and payment components.

Here are the highlights of each of the Sage Mobile Apps.

Mobile Sales

  • View and edit customer information on your tablet.
  • Review your catalog with customers on a tablet and show related items.
  • Create a quote and email it to your customer.
  • Check product availability and confidently commit to fulfilling orders.
  • Enter an order and accept immediate payment.

Sage ERP Mobile Sales

Mobile Service

  • Optimize schedules, routes and assignments of jobs on the fly on a smartphone or tablet.
  • Get customer sign-off and take photos on site.
  • Have anytime, anywhere access to customer’s Sage ERP information.
  • Get paid faster and increase your cash flow.

Sage ERP Mobile Service

Billing & Payment

  • Electronic invoices and receipts can be sent based on your preferences.
  • HTML invoice templates can be easily customized.
  • Electronic payments can be accepted from credit cards and ACH.
  • An online portal soon will be available 24/7 with invoice and payment history.
  • Integration and automated data updates are available with the latest Sage ERP solutions.
  • Online dashboard offers visibility into invoice delivery and usage, plus access to quickly resend invoices.

Sage ERP Billing and Payment

With Sage Mobile Solutions, you can go where your business takes you.

Learn more by watching an archived version of our webinar, “Streamline Your Business with Sage Mobile Apps.


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