Goodbye, FRx. Hello, Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting.

What’s involved in the switch?

As many of you already know, your FRx reporting tool has been retired. Microsoft officially stopped supporting it the end of 2012, but Sage users were given additional time to make the move to a new reporting solutionthat time is up. It’s time to move to a new reporting solution, and our (and Sage’s) recommended replacement for FRx is Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting, a powerful and easy-to-use Excel-based reporting tool.

Two Things to Know About Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting

The first thing to know about Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting is that you likely already own it. It is installed automatically when you update your Sage 100 ERP, Sage 500 ERP or Sage ERP X3 software to current version levels. For many organizations, the Sage Intelligence Reporting components included as part of your ERP software may be all your organization requires.

Also, Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting is a sophisticated and powerful tool, capable of combing data files outside of your ERP database. Some companies, such as those with more complex, distributed or variable reporting requirements, can add user licenses and additional components offering more advanced capabilities.

Conversion to Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting

There are four steps in converting to Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting:

  1. Prepare the FRx Report:  There may be a few changes and adjustments you’ll need to make to your existing FRx report to ensure a successful conversion.
  2. Export the FRx Report:  Export your FRx report as an .xlsx file.
  3. Convert the layout:  Move the file into Sage ERP Intelligence where the layout is converted.
  4. Save:  When you save your new file, it becomes a Sage ERP Intelligence report, ready for use.

Get the Details

Are you ready for the specifics of the migration process? Attend our free webinar on April 22 and our consultants will explain how Sage ERP Intelligence Reporting operates, provide detailed steps on how to convert your reports and conduct a live demonstration of the techniques involved. If you can’t make the date or would like to speak to a member of our consulting team, just let us know—we’re here to help.


Colleen Gutirrez

Colleen, a senior consultant with BKD Technologies, has more than 18 years of experience as a technology consultant, performing needs assessments and analyses and providing system selections, implementations, installations, training and support for a variety of industries. She also implements, supports and provides training on Sage ERP 100 and 500 accounting applications and Sage Intelligence.

Colleen Gutirrez – who has written posts on Sage ERP Insights.

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