New Targeted Features for Sage 100 Version 2016

Sage recently revealed a list of some targeted new features for Sage 100 2016 (Target release date – November 4, 2015)

Modernization Strategy

* Modern UI
* Full integration of payments & payroll
* Select experience improvements
* Functional extensions delivered as features as a service
* Cloud services to connect with the ecosystem
* Architecture updates affecting integration, customization & updates
* Mobile access across multiple devices
* Color themes
* Changed menu structure
* Only see tasks you have rights to
* New UI – can make fonts medium or large
* Theme can be set by company code
* UI will apply to nonframework modules

Other Expected Features

* Customer PO up to 30 characters
* Add extended item description for miscellaneous items, charges, special items
* Add default value to all extended description
* Adding additional sales order quotes to order types other than standard
* New sales order option to define default expiration date for quotes
* New sales order option to default to the date when promoting quote to order
* Ability to move a document between batches
* Additional “quick wins”

Features are subject to change prior to actual release.

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